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A quick business review


300 Million

people suffer from depression worldwide

That is


increase from 2005 to 2015 and on the rise

Our Target Audience

Traditionally, light therapy is used to treat seasonal depression with home-based light therapy lamps. However, 70% of patients stop self light therapy treatment within a year and 65% of these patients experiencing depression relapse.

The current global market for treatment for depression is 15.6 billion USD. The light therapy market is valued at 391 million USD, with 79 million USD from wearable light therapy visors. The light therapy visors market is rapidly growing due to its convenience.

By quickly tapping into this growing market, Lumos can be the new solution to seasonal depression and insomnia.

Unobstructive wearable light therapy

Why is Lumos Unique?

Other wearable light therapy glasses all involve shining bright light directly into the users’ eyes, obstructing vision and interfering with activities.


On top of replacing traditional light therapy, Lumos glasses is the first pair of wearable light therapy glasses that doesn’t limit vision using proprietary optical technology. Users can go about their day normally while wearing Lumos flux, vastly improving treatment compliance.

The Timeline

Pilot Study

March - June 2020

A pilot study to observe usability, customer experience, and gauge effect

Market Engagement

June - August 2020

Market study with ads an contents to gauge customer acquisition costs, and acquire customers

Investor Funding Rounds

June - August 2020

Fundraising for go-to-market funds, clinical trial funds, and production

Product Launch

September - December 2020

Marketing, large asset production, engineering production runs

Project Exodus - Stealth Project

March - December 2020

It's a secret! Something wonderful is about to happen

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