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A sophisticated pair of glasses that help wake-up fresh, decrease stress and enhance performance with light therapy.

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Wake-up fresh

Being indoors all day and screen gazing at night can cause severe disruption to your sleep-wake cycle. With Lumos, you can keep your circadian rhythm in check ensuring you wake up ready.

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Uplift your mood

By regulating serotonin levels, Lumos not only helps improve mood but also decreases stress levels. Moreover, light therapy is clinically proven to treat conditions like seasonal depression.

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Boost your performance

Our light therapy sessions help stimulate the production of hormones like cortisol that help boost performance whether it be working at your desk or exercising at the gym.

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Old science, new technology

With the help of seasoned researchers in sleep medicine, like professor Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, and a team of engineers with experience working at Apple, Tesla and Xiaomi, Lumos has developed the Glasses I, a pair of lightweight spectacles made with patented technology that leverages light therapy to help you perform better by aligning your light exposure to the natural outdoors.

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Glasses I

Illuminate your day

Lifestyle eyewear with a purpose, the Glasses I help to simulate environments that help you perform the best you can in the best mood possible.

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Keeping you accountable

With the help of the sensors on the glasses the Lumos app can understand the state of your sleep hygiene, help set a sleep-wake cycle that works for you and send you intelligent reminders based on your daily light consumption.

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"During the pandemic & lockdowns, I found myself indoors more than ever before and the glasses helped me get the correct amount of light every day. They helped keep me energetic and up in the mornings despite being a night owl."

Jagbir Dhillon
Engineering Student, University of Waterloo

“As a former night owl, I often found myself struggling to get to bed at a decent time in order to feel fully refreshed in the morning without sleeping in. With the Lumos glasses I was able to fix this problem in a couple of weeks of use with noticeable improvements in just a couple of days. Highly recommend to all the other night owls out there!"

Peter Evagelou
R&D and Government Incentives at Grant Thornton LLP

"The Lumos glasses are comfortable and easy to wear. They are fashionable and make working on a computer all day easier."

Laken Evans
Senior plan specialist at Sunlife

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