Lumos glasses improve your sleep and mood

Combat depression and regulate circadian rhythms with the latest wearable light therapy

Tired, exhausted, stressed? Make the change to your life today!

Properly timed blue light therapy can improve many aspects of your life.




Blue light can help regulate cortisol levels for stable energy

Blue light can help regulate serotonin levels for mood

Blue light control can help regulate melatonin levels for falling asleep

Why Lumos?

Always Indoors.

Every day, we wake up, dress in a dimly lit room, duck inside the comfort of our vehicles for the morning commute, and type away in front of a screen for the rest of the day. 

We are part of the indoor generationOn average, people spend 90% of their day indoors. The comfort and convenience we gain from staying indoors come at a cost.

Depression. Insomnia.

The lack of exposure to natural sunlight are correlated with health problems such as winter depression and insomnia

Our biological clock relies on the natural light-dark cycle to reset our circadian rhythm every day. Natural light also acts as a stimulant for alertness, mood, and productivity. This light-dark cycle is absolutely crucial to our well-being. 

The Unmet Need.

Lumos can provide the missing piece of the puzzle for our indoor generation: make the light-dark cycle accessible to all.

No matter the place or time, you can simply put on a pair of glasses and go about your activity while feeling the effects of improved productivity, mood, and sleep quality. 

Our Vision:

Making happiness and wellness accessible through technology.

Introducing Lumos

With state of the art industrial design, electronics manufacturing, and optical technology, Lumos simulates the natural light-dark cycle to generate serotonin during the day and supports melatonin conversion in the evening. Ultimately, the benefits of traditional light therapy are made accessible.

How the glasses work

Automatic Light Control


Blue light is emitted from side legs 

Lenses reflect blue light, and only blue light

When light is not emitting, the lenses block incoming blue light from the environment

Sensors measure blue light from environment 


Smartphone automatically control blue light intensity based on environment light

The Lumos App

Automatic Light Control


A light graphs shows the recommended amount of light based on the natural blue sky. The graph compares this light to your environment, and automatically adjust the brightness of the glasses and sends recommendations.

Mood and Sleep Tracking


Track your sleep and mood with the PROMIS and BMIS questionnaires, reminding yourself of the benefits that proper lighting is bringing to the table. Frequent mood check ins are also good for emotional awareness.

Light Guided Meditation

Meditation can be hard to learn. Yet frequent meditation can do wonders for your health. That's why we made a light guided meditation feature, breath in when the light is bright, breath out when the light is dimming.

Lumos is always looking for the brightest minds with incessant compassion. Whether you are an investor, an advisor, an engineer, or a fellow believer, do you want to become part of something bigger?

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