Take control of your blue light

Lumos Glasses

Regulate the natural light-dark cycle to help generate serotonin during the day and support melatonin conversion in the evening.

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Our technology

The Lumos Glasses actively controls the amount of blue light you get through a battery-powered light source combined with a nano-coated lens, all the while looking like a normal pair of glasses. Depending on your personalized needs, the sensors on the glasses work seamlessly with your smartphone to give you a tailored blue light experience.

Glasses I

The Glasses I is equipped with:

Light Source and Battery image
A light source and battery in each of the legs
Nano-coating icon
Nano-coating in the lenses
Eye icon
Light sensor to observe your light exposure
Bluetooth icon
Bluetooth to communicate with your Smartphone

We have carefully engineered the position of the light sources to ensure your eyes have the maximum exposure to the light without it disturbing your line of sight. The filtering properties of the nano-coating double up as a blue light filter which helps to decrease the over-exposure we experience at night.

Lumos App

Once paired with Glasses I, the easy-to-use Lumos app can be used to control your light therapy sessions.

Lumos app concept screen
Schedule icon
Schedule your light therapy sessions
Adjust light icon
Adjust the light to your preferred intensity
Battery icon
Monitor your battery life

Additionally, thanks to the on-device light sensor the Lumos app can nudge you to either start a session when/if we notice that you are under-exposed or recommend you to decrease the light in your environment if you are over-exposed for a long duration of time.

It doesn’t end there!
We help track your light exposure performance over time and combine the insights, if available, from your phone's health apps to show you how well your circadian rhythm vitals are doing.

Sleep science, made to fit your busy lifestyle

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